Help Guide


1- Click on the "Link" option in the bottom bar

2- Select the desired area you want to link, choose the mockup you want to link it with, from dropdown menu

Adding link is an easy to convert your mockups into a clickable prototype.

This is now your newly created link look like in your mockup.

  • To see all feedback in on your mockup, click on the left  "Feedback" option.
  • Number represents the total number of feedback you have on this mockup.
  • Click on any feedback in the left it will be highlighted over your mockup.
  • See replies if there is any on those feedback
  • Faster way to change status of feedback as done (Mark as complete )

1- You can reply on your Feedback  which you receive to start the discussion
2- Click on the Feedback to see comments 

To reply on feedback, click the reply button to give your comments, users in your team will be notified via email about all the feedback and replies

Here are list of short keys to help you get your work done even faster

Press "Enter Key" in any mode to go to full screen

Ctrl F
Press "Ctrl  F" to go to Feedback view

Ctrl B

Press "Ctrl  B" to go to Link view

Ctrl C
Press "Ctrl  C" to see all Feedback in a mockup 

in Preview mode press SHIFT KEY to see what areas are clickable 

Left Arrow

Press "Left Arrow" key to see previous mockup

Right Arrow

Press "Left Arrow " key to see next mockup
Dropbox integration with How to add new mockup or update existing one from Dropbox

Designing from the cloud !  Yes thats true, now you can design and collaborate EVEN FASTER with Dropbox integration of is able to SYNC back automatically all the changes on your mockup, which was placed in Dropbox

Headache free way to design, no tedious upload of screen anymore.

Video Link



Choose file from dropbox by clicking on the icon  

Login to Dropbox account page

Choose File(s)

Icon in the bottom indicate that the file is from  Dropbox

Replace screen from Dropbox

Upload new file


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